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PUZMUG Oil Sprayer for Cooking | 100ml


PUZMUG Oil Sprayer for Cooking, 100ml Oil Spray Bottle Versatile Glass for Cooking, Baking, Roasting, Grilling


Overview: Level up your cooking and your health with this stylish Oil Sprayer. Fill your favorite oil, vinegar, cooking wine, sauces, etc. to better control how much you add to your dishes, salads and more. Fill with you favorite essential oils or face and body sprays for personal care.


  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL. Use for kitchen and home. Fill this oil sprayer with essential oils or facial sprays for personal use. Fill with cooking oils, vinegars, soy sauce, lemon and lime juice, cooking wine, olive oil for salads and more for the kitchen
  • TRANSPARENT AND DUAL-SETTING DESIGN. The convenient transparent design of this oil dispenser allows you to quickly know how much is in the bottle and to more easily recognize what’s inside. The dual-setting can help you master oil usage and better Taylor it according to your needs
  • EASY TO USE. Simply press the pump of sprayer to produce a more uniform spray and control the amount of oil when cooking.The transparent bottle allows you to clearly see how much oil is left. For easy cleaning, just unscrew the lid and use warm water with your favorite dish soap
  • PORTABLE. The Oil Sprayer dispenser has a capacity of 100ml. Can be used in the kitchen or carried outside for barbecues, cookouts, grilling at the beach, and more
  • LESS OIL FOR HEALTHIER FOOD. Eat healthier and add less calories. Control the oil you add to meals and salads by misting instead of pouring. High efficient use also means less waste.