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Office Decor for Women Desk- Rose Gold Decor Desk Plant For Bookshelf Decor, Boho Bedroom Decor For Women College Dorm for Girls - Artificial Plant Cactus Succulent - Kitchen Decorations & Accessories


Office Decor for Women Desk- Rose Gold Decor Desk Plant For Bookshelf Decor, Boho Bedroom Decor For Women College Dorm for Girls - Artificial Plant Cactus Succulent - Kitchen Decorations & Accessories

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 3 inches
  • Item Weight: 2.64 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Fortivo
  • Date First Available: August 2, 2019
  • Face Plants Decoration In Pot - Our rose gold decor face succulent plants in pots will enhance your home, kitchen decorations and rose gold bathroom accessories in an interesting way. Now's your chance to curate your living room plant decor with a stunning center piece that can elevate the ambiance and atmosphere of your room. These rose gold desk accessories provides an eye-catching statement as you get productive in your daily tasks.
  • Artificial Succulents Plants - Brighten up any room with this boho room decor for bookshelf, bathroom, dorm room decorations, kitchen, and living room. Why spend more on real plant if you can have a potted artificial cacti rose gold room decor that doesn't require much effort to maintain? Our face plant decor, bathroom decor plant is the perfect idea for dorm decor for college girls
  • Rustic Bedroom Decor For Women - Looking for cute home sweet classroom decor and mini potted fake cactus plants for your bleak and dreary-looking office? Kitchen accessories and decor will add a hint of green color in your dining room decor. Let your office mates think you have a stellar rose gold desk accessories collection with your new artificial plants for office. This small fancy desk accessories plant can transform take your teacher desk decor to the next level
  • Apartment Coffee Table Decorations - Put these small fake succulent plants in kitchen and balcony decor in your cactus bookshelf or tabletop to decorate a corner into a calming atmosphere. This greenery decor looks realistic to make your guests believe you have a real plant in your office. No matter what season it is, the accent piece home decoration plants will add greenery to your decor.
  • Desk Decorations For Women Office - Your new succulent plants fakes can enliven any space and capture the serene feeling you have when walking through blossoming succulents in your garden. Our office plant is a perfect addition to your bathroom, bedroom, girls room decor and room decor for men. Put the potted fake succulents in any office desk, table, or shelf for added rustic vibe.

Ever wondered how your office space can look like what you see in magazines and catalogs? The secret to a relaxing and upscale-looking workstation is behind the décor you place strategically. And among these decorations, potted plants take the first prize when it comes to beauty and elegance. But the problem is, you’re already hard-pressed in your work. You have a tight schedule and tending to a plant is the least of your concerns. Getting productive and keeping up with the daily hustle won’t let you fully attend to your plant’s needs. Fortivo Home Shop understands that every office space is a sacred sanctuary that needs a touch of your personality. With the right choices of décor, breezing through your daily hustle can be a lot easier. Read more CURATE YOUR PERSONAL SPACE Having an office plant works wonders in elevating your room’s appeal and overall vibe. Among all the office décor accessories you can put in your cubicle, desk, or room, fake desk plants are the ideal choice when you want to add a hint of lush green. Add depth and personality to dull and boring-looking space. These rose gold décor plants will bestow your workstation with a majestic flora with an everlasting bloom. ry placing our fake succulent plants in the following rooms: Guest lounges Office desks Kitchen and bathroom Living room Pantry tables Countertops Common areas of your establishments Read more These desk decorations for women office can inspire creativity, uplift mood, and reduce the levels of your stress. It’s a relief to set your eyes into a plant (even though it’s an artificial one), considering you’ve been staring at your computer screen for the entire day. Our rose gold room décor will be a head-turning addition to the rest of your office décor—minus the cost and time-consuming maintenance when taking care of real plants! Each of our artificial succulents is a step closer to the upscale and sophisticated office space you’ve always wanted. Our fake décor plants’ geometrical-shaped pot accentuates any empty surface or furniture. The plants’ vibrant green color is impervious to seasonal changes. Add a few of our mini succulent plant in rose gold pots on your office’s common areas to spark up your employees’ imagination while creating a stunning work environment. Put our mini potted plants anywhere in your room or cubicle. Our rose gold potted succulents can be placed near your personal computer, in your office’s pantry, or the coffee table in the waiting lounge. Let your employees and guests feel relaxed and at home with these rose gold desk accessories. The office plant’s small size lets you experiment and play around with your workspace’s arrangement. GET INSPIRED & BE MOTIVATED Conquering your daily grind can take a toll on your morale and productivity. A good office décor transcends the boundaries of beauty. It should not just enhance your room’s appeal. You can choose from the eight stickers with inspirational and motivational quotes. Allow yourself to gain the confidence and momentum you lost at work as you glance on our small plant décor. Read more PERFECT DÉCOR FOR ANY ROOM Our rose gold pots’ sleek and shiny luster the succulent plants décor’s realistic appearance is not only meant for your office décor accessories. Its astounding and regal-looking elegance make our artificial office plants a must-have for any room. Don these desk decorations in your bathroom, living room, bedroom, kitchen, and display tables to bestow any empty space with timeless magnificence. Read more