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Navaris Cork Yoga Wheel | Prop for Stretching, Flexibility, Back Bends - Helps Deepen Poses and Stretch Back, Shoulders, Chest 13" (33cm) Diameter



Overview: Expand your practice. Deepen stretches and poses using this Yoga Wheel by Navaris. Featuring a soft cork exterior and unique design, the wheel helps you deepen your back bends, stretch different body parts, and modify yoga positions. The Yoga Wheel can be used to help guide beginners into trickier stretches, or to aid advanced users in deepening positions like camel pose. The Wheel is particularly suited for heart-opening poses like backbends and forearm balances.


  • YOGA WHEEL. Bring your practice to the next level with this yoga wheel by Navaris. The sturdy wheel is wrapped in a soft cork exterior, making the prop both strong and comfortable to use
  • FLEXIBILITY. Stretch your back, arms, shoulders and chest with this unique yoga prop. The rounded shape and gentle rolling motion offer more possibilities compared to standard blocks and wedges
  • VARY POSES. Add new dimensions to postures with this specially designed exercise prop. Whether you're looking to modify poses to make them easier, or deepen a tricky stretch, yoga wheels make it possible
  • UNIQUE DESIGN. Featuring a unique pattern on the cork, the Navaris Yoga Wheel can be admired whether out at the studio or doing yoga at home
  • Product Dimensions: 13.31 x 13.07 x 5.28 inches
  • Maximum weight capacity 330 pounds
  • Weighs 2.5 Pounds
  • Item model number: 53124.01_m001295
  • Manufacturer: KW-Commerce
  • Imported