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KiddoLab Baby Crib Mobile with Lights and Relaxing Music for Babies Ages 0 and Older


KiddoLab Baby Crib Mobile with Lights and Relaxing Music. Includes Ceiling Light Projector with Stars, Animals. Musical Crib Mobile with Timer. Nursery Toys for Babies Ages 0 and Older

Overview: This colorful crib mobile provides visual stimulation to encourage baby’s control of eye movements and eye-body coordination skills. Includes soothing music and sounds to calm and sooth baby to sleep.


  • ROTATING MUSICAL MOBILE. Four adorable dream pets dance and twirl to help lull newborn infants to sleep. A yellow puppy, pink kitten, orange bunny rabbit and a happy red bird all gently keep watch at bedtime. Intended for ages newborn to five months
  • A STELLAR LIGHT SHOW PROJECTS OVERHEAD. After the nursery room lights go out, an enchanting light show of the moon and stars projects onto the ceiling
  • CALMING MUSIC OR SOOTHING SOUNDS. This captivating crib mobile comes equipped with several optional soundscapes. Choose between music that stops after fifteen minutes, continuous soothing lullabies or gentle nature sounds to help your precious little ones fall fast asleep
  • EFFORTLESS INSTALLATION. Kiddolabs entrancing crib mobile features a simple yellow knob that easily attaches to cribs with sturdy rails and spindles. Do not attach to playpens with mesh walls. For the rail thickness: Maximum rail thickness: 3.5cm / 35mm/ 1.38 inches
  • SAFE FOR DELICATE NEWBORNS. Made from BPA-Free materials, this crib accessory is completely safe for infants to experience and explore in all the ways that curious babies do