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GRUNEN WOLKEN Handheld Electric Milk Frother


GRUNEN WOLKEN Milk Frother Handheld Get Froth in 7 Seconds High Powered Low Noise with Support Stand and Coffee Stencils Electric Milk Coffee drink Mixer Perfect for Coffee Cappuccino Matcha Hot Chocolate (Rubber Black)

Overview: Be your own barista and get your bistro café fix right in the comfort of your own home. Whether you simply want to add a rich layer of foamy milk to your favorite drink, or try your hand at a bit of fancy art like the baristas do, this easy-to-use frother is a must-have. Also works well for thicker liquids like your morning milkshake and can even whisk eggs.


  • DETACHABLE HEAD INCLUDED. This electric milk frother features a unique detachable design that can create multiple functions within a single device. This allows it to serve as both a frother, whisk and an egg mixer. The heads are easy to change. It can be used not only to stir ordinary matcha, coffee, cocktails, hot chocolate and fruit drinks, but also to stir thicker liquids, such as milkshakes, protein powders and even eggs
  • NEW GENERATION WITH STRONGER POWER. The Grunen Wolken electric milk coffee blender uses a new generation of technology, with stronger power providing a speed of 17000 rpm so it can create thicker foams in a few seconds. The handheld milk frother can be used in a variety of mixtures, is suitable for all types of milk, as well as creams, soybeans, etc. Additionally, the service life time of its motor is almost 3 times longer than other mixers. The motor can be used for over 300 hours, while others can only be used for about 100 hours.
  • MORE USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN. Most of other milk frothers adopt vertical buttons. This hand-held electric whisk and frother features a more convenient and easy-to-use side button for improved comfort
  • LONGER BATTERY LIFE. Manufacturer’s practical tests of this handheld frother have shown 4 times longer battery life using (2) AA batteries (not included). After new batteries are installed, it can be used for over 6 hours in total, while others can only be used for around 1.5 hours
  • MADE OF HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS. This drink mixer is made of only high-quality materials. The handle is non-slip ABS material and the blender portion is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, which is safe and green. The bracket is also made of stainless steel, which is very stable and sturdy. The electric blender is very easy to clean - you can immerse into water and it will be completely clean in just a few seconds
  • EXQUISITE SET. This handheld frother is equipped with a stand and an egg beater. The bracket makes it easy to store and does not take up space in your kitchen. The egg beating head is specially used for beating eggs, reducing resistance and prolonging the life of the motor.
  • MANUFACTURER WARRANTY. Manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty. Contact the manufacturer with any questions or concerns.