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Chess Armory Chess Set | 15" x 15" Inlaid Walnut Wooden Chess Set with Folding Chess Board


Chess Armory Chess Set 15" x 15"- Inlaid Walnut Wooden Chess Set with Folding Chess Board, Staunton Chess Pieces, & Storage Box - Chess Set Wood Board Game


Overview:  Whether you are a new to the world of chess or a veteran, this chess set will serve you plying needs. Use it to teach your kids or to challenge your friends to a game of chess. With every chess set, you get an instruction booklet you can download directly. It will allow you to get some basic training and instructions so you can get started right away.


  • WHAT YOU GET. The Chess Armory Wooden Chess Set delivers all the chess essentials in one place - a 15 x 15-inch folding chess board, 32 polished wooden chess pieces, and a sturdy storage box. The entire set is handcrafted. The inlaid non-magnetic walnut chess board is solid, durable, and foldable. The felted Staunton chess pieces are smooth and polished
  • INLAID WALNUT CHESS BOARD. The compact 15" x 15" chess board is made of smooth inlaid walnut, where every square measures 1.625" x 1.625". It folds in half, so you can store the chess pieces inside when needed
  • HANDCRAFTED CHESS PIECES. Every Staunton chess piece is made of light but sturdy wood that has a good solid feel. They all come with a felted bottom to protect the chess board from scratches. The King piece stands 3" tall
  • EASY TO STORE & TRANSPORT. Store all the chess pieces in the felted interior of the chess board and secure them into place with the elastic straps. You can then move the chess board in the elegant storage box to keep it in mint condition
  • FOR NEW & SEASONED PLAYERS. Surprise your friends with chess sets for adults with storage or use as chess board for kids for future generations of players. The handy and elegant wooden chess set will surely win over everyone
  • Product Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 1 inches
  • Item Weight: 2.1 pounds
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 6 years and up
  • Manufacturer: Chess Armory